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applesims and other nonsense

So, it's 2016. Livejournal isn't what it used to be, and neither is the sims. I do have sims 4, but I've barely played it. You can find sims that I've made by searching #katusims tags on the like...EA sim marketplace thing.

What I mostly came here to post is that I know applesims.net is down. I'm not sure what happened to the site, but I'm going to have to nuke it from orbit and reupload everything. It'll take me a while, but it IS going to happen.

And if you guys need to contact me for any reason, livejournal isn't the place to do it. Either email - captain DOT katu AT gmail.com -  or reddit (katubug) - are the best ways to reach me.

Hope you're all having fun. Miss you. <3