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The Whampire ISBV - Week One

First off, a little blurb about what I'm doing here. If you haven't noticed, I LOVE starting legacies, but I'm not so hot on finishing them. At this time, I have four legacies that I've begun posting, and one that was simply a niggling idea in the back of my mind, begging to come to fruition. Because I have such a hard time managing which families to play and update, this seemed the best solution.

Rachel (simsforaranya) and I were chatting and she mentioned her BACC, and how she wanted to play her other legacy families. I suggested that she simply move her legacy families INTO her BACC, which was what began this project (mine, and hers as well :P).

However, there were some things about the BACC that didn't sit well with my ideas, so I rolled in some of the rules of the Prosperity Challenge, and thus created the Build a Prosperous City Challenge (BAPCC, rofl). On top of that, all my legacies will be played by their original rules, so that in the end I have an immensely complex series of rules, unlocks, and scorekeeping! I reserve the right to at any time say, "Screw it, I'm not doing anything this week," to keep things fun. :P

Anyway, on to our first family (I'm playing in reverse alphabetical order! :D), the Whampires!

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So, I've been wanting to play sims 2 a lot lately, but I can never decide on a family or a challenge, and I keep changing my mind and wanting to play someone else, or feeling obligated to play a particular family so as not to "let people down" etc. So tonight, inspired by simsforaranya, I came up with the idea to roll a bunch of families together into a BACC (Build a City Challenge)!

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Sensational Snapshot Contest: Vintage

Round 2 of the contest at S2S is "vintage." My shoot is featuring my sim, Regan (aka Gretta), and sixamsims's sim, Rogue (aka Beau).

This one is my entry for the contest. The rest of the images are below the cut, and since they're not eligible for the contest, they've been vintage-ized. XD

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Animals for Diversity!

If you can't tell, these sims are not going to be your average idea of attractive. I wanted to get a close as possible to the base animals without utter deformity, so don't expect any beauty queens in this post (or, well, in the opinion of some).

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Tutorials, sims, and challenges!

Hey dudes and dudettes! I've made some major updates over at Applesims, so here I am to let you know about it.

- Firstly, I edited some of the pictures from my sims 2 face templates tutorial and uploaded it over there for completness' sake.

- Nextly, I learned how to make Sims 3 sliders today, and wrote a tutorial on how to make your own sliders.

- Threedly, I have two batches of pixel_trade aliens: Person Below Me Aliens, and Pollination Exploration Aliens.

- Quatredly, for all Doctor Who fans in our midst, I tried my hand at David Tennant as the Doctor (for sims 3).

- Lastly and MOST IMPORTANTLY: I have written a challenge!

Click here, or the picture.

The challenge is for the Sims 2, and I have created two lots for it (linked at the challenge). I've JUST finished writing it, and I need feedback, and, more essentially, playtesters! So please, have a look, give me some constructive criticism, and please do try it out and let me know if it works well with the rules I've written!

Sensational Snapshot Contest at S2S

Hey folks, I'm participating in a contest over at Sims2Supernova - it's really short on entries right now, so you should go join! I'm hankering for some people to blow out of the water - yeah, that's a challenge, you heard me! XD

Join the "Sensational Snapshot" contest!

Round one is "Romance." This is my entry:

It's Gashi!sim and Katu!sim kissing for the first time, after having bickered the whole vacation up until that point.

Question about downloads

Hey guys, I have a question for you. I used to post all my downloads here, but since I have the website now, obviously I'm mostly just posting them there. I've been considering crossposting them here so that livejournal users don't have to keep checking the website to see if I've uploaded anything new - but on the other hand, if no one who follows this journal is that into keeping up with my CC, then I don't wanna go through the extra effort. XD

So I'd like to ask you what you'd prefer!

Should I crosspost to lj when I upload new CC to applesims.net?

Yes, definitely!
No, I'm just here for the legacies.
It wouldn't affect me one way or the other.
Ticky box!

In the meantime, I HAVE uploaded a tonne of new stuff to the website, so you should check it out: