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Katu's Sims

the sims of katu

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Queen of the Dorks
5 July 1985
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  • katu_sims@livejournal.com

PMing is disabled for this account. If you want to send me messages over livejournal,
PLEASE send them to my regular account, katu! Thanks! :D

This is my sims journal, so my poor friends and family aren't bombarded with fake people's lives.

Important Posts that Are Important:
  • My Resources Post - Want to know where to get the elephant/default skins/etc that I use? This is the place to look. If something's not on there, go ahead and ask! :D
  • The Adopt-A-Dork/Dorky Stats Page - I'm bad at stats. If you really care, go ahead and check them out there. :D Also, it's the only place on the internet to download the Dorks.

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